Tanmoy Chakrabarty

Tanmoy Chakrabarty – Group Government Affairs Officer at Tata Sons Private Limited. He has started this new assignment on April 01,2018. Here his role is to synergize the Tata Group Company initiatives to Central , State and Local Governments and to develop a “One Tata “ approach to the Government Sector . He is based at the Delhi Office of Tata Sons Private Limited. Tata Sons Private Limited is the Group Parent Company that has over 101 subsidiary Tata Companies and is the largest Industry Group in India which has been in existence in India for more than 153 years.

Earlier for 14 years Tanmoy was the Vice President & Global Head – Government Industry Solutions Unit (ISU) at Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) and was based in New Delhi, India. He built the Government Business for TCS worldwide from 10th January 2004 until 31st March 2018.

He has over 40 years of experience related with Business Development, Sales and Delivery of Integrated IT Solutions and Services to the Government sector and has led many enterprise wide, mission mode and holistic transformational projects in the area of e-Governance in India and other parts of the World. Tanmoy managed more than 305 active clients in the Government Sector for TCS globally and has a team of over 12500 Associates in TCS across 7 Countries. Key projects that he led included Department of Posts as the Core System Integrator, PM’s Award winning and marquee Passport Seva Project, UK Home Office, Income Tax, Central Board of Excise & Customs, GST readiness, Tax Automation across various cities in North America (under the TaxMantra umbrella), and e-Migrate along with several transformational projects in State & Local Governments and tax automation programs in East Africa. Tanmoy’s 1st major eGov program at TCS for the Govt. of India was the Mission Mode Project – MCA21 for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs which won the Prime Minister’s award for Service Delivery Excellence.

Prior to TCS, Tanmoy was Head – India Sales and Operations at EDS: Electronic Data Systems, India where he served between 1999 and 2004. He was responsible for Sales & Business Development & Delivery in the Indian Market. The sectors that he was focusing on included Corporate, Government, Defence, Railways, Telecom, Energy, Travel & Transportation, Manufacturing and Health Care. EDS was a US $ 22 billion Global IT Services Company with over 140,000 employees in 60 Countries.

Widely travelled in India and all over the World he has worked at Kolkata, Bengaluru and New Delhi. He started his career in 1982 – 1996 with Bradma of India Ltd in Calcutta (Tata Company) as a Sales Executive and progressed to handling the Eastern Region through to managing All India Sales & Marketing functions, leading various teams of highly motivated team members to successes in the stints.

Tanmoy is currently is the Chairman of the Infrastructure Sub Committee at FICCI and is the Treasurer and Management Committee Member at Public Affairs Forum of India ( PAFI ).

From a situation of being in the pole position amongst provinces,  enough for the British to set up their HQ in colonising India to the gradual setting in of decay where right from the flight of the British to the industries and trade moving away from Bengal the last so many decades has seen the decline of this State which at the prime made Gokhale state “ What Bengal thinks today , India thinks tomorrow “ !

Without having to spend any time on the time that has gone by , the endeavour is to state what is the aspiration of the Bengal of tomorrow now that a new State Legislative Elections is under way and many hopes and aspirations of the people of Bengal will be determined by the vision , actions and the directions of the new Government that will take oath around the second week of May 2021 .

The priority would be to work on making Bengal an important industry , trade and business hub between London – Dubai – Delhi – Singapore and whilst all these four locations have established themselves as important hubs , Bengal has an opportunity to create a very important route hub between these and complete the circuit . This will mean setting up of Industrial and Economic Zones – tax free where countries can be invited to set up their industries and they be provided incentives to set up and have a zero tax regime and for land free but the critical item of job creation for these industries would be for the local population which is the highest priority in Bengal today . For this purpose I propose that all along the Hooghly all the closed Industries land be reappropriated by the Government and redistributed for these Country specific SEZs . There is enough land , electricity and industrial water as well as the port and inland river transport as well as rail , air and road logistics to bring in raw material and ship out export goods in close proximity . 

The second focus would be to work closely with the Government of India and the Government of Bangladesh to set up a Indo – Bangladesh Economic Corridor connecting Petrapole – Benapole in the Bengal Border and have a 6 lane road cum rail corridor connecting Akhuara Road in the Tripura Border on the other side . Bangladesh would have the right to build green field cities right along the economic corridor and this would totally mitigate India’s dependence in the Chicken Neck as the only route for connectivity with the North East of India and this corridor can have a fork connecting Chittagong Port so that the Calcutta Port and the Chittagong ports are revived and become a major hub for all goods supply embarkation point for Bengal , North East India , Bhutan , Nepal as well as all on Bangladesh too . It will be a win win proposition for all stakeholders and transform the trade and logistics scenario of Bengal totally.

De-slummification of the top 25 cities in Bengal would be another aspiration. Corrupt municipal practices and rampant slummification of the Bengal cities , haphazard and short term view in planning and execution process have left the cities of Bengal reduced to people living in very difficult and sub hygienic conditions and frequent occurrence of slum fires and street violence are all outcomes of inhuman living conditions . Major slum resettlement and low cost housing initiatives need to be seen as a mission mode program to be able to improve the conditions of city living in Bengal and a lot of forcibly occupied land which given way to slums need to be freed up as the cities needs to be enlarged to reduce the congestion and the pressure on land , water , traffic etc. that such inhuman living conditions are being felt by the population flocking to the streets in search of work etc.

Low cost housing and village derelict housing resettlement is another area of focus. Villages in Bengal have not changed for years and the people live in mud thatched ancestral hutments and there is a need for a quality change in living conditions in villages including health care , quality drinking water and education facilities that all need a massive improvement .

Due to severe challenges in employment the younger generation in Bengal have mostly gone all over the world in search of work and this has left the average age in Bengal to go up and it is a state for the elderly and hence health care for the elderly needs a special focus as a specific mission .

I can go on with several items in my wish list but it is time for the new Government to really focus on development , peace , security and pursue real transformation which can be felt by the people to be able to make West Bengal come back into the mainstream of healthy States not only amongst Indian States but also get back to the Leadership spot in the South Asia and South East Asia region and become a very significant State which it can surely become as it has all the attributes and the geographical assets to get there .

The will of the leadership , that adopts the seats of governance,  has to have the will to realise the true potential of West Bengal and nothing can make us all ( who have had to go beyond the shores of West Bengal to live ) happier than to see the resurgence of West Bengal and the reglorified status of Bengal that it has once earlier . Regain the crown of glory mostly for the people of Bengal and the next generation.

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