Sandipan Das

Regulatory Affairs, External Affairs
IBM India Wholesale Trading Pvt. Ltd.

The famous slogan “what Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrow” is sadly a misplaced slogan nowadays. Post-independence, in its early days, Bengal had visionaries and dynamic leaders, who ensured that it flourished economically and financially. Besides, Bengal also led India culturally, spiritually and in the education field as well.

Thereafter, in the last four decades, we have seen industries move out of Bengal and there has been erosion in other fields too. The burning issue today is jobs and employment for the youths of Bengal and lot needs to be done. The State cannot further go down and I believe, it is poised for recovery under strong leadership that has the vision to pull the State out of the depths to which it has fallen. There has to be a climate of growth for the benefit of one and all.

My hope is that Bengal rises, for the residents of Bengal get their due and more – that the current and future generations, unlike the past generations, do not need to leave Bengal to find jobs and careers for themselves. I look forward to seeing Bengal reach its full potential and I will be very happy to contribute to its development in any manner that I can.

Arise Bengal. This is your moment, this is your time. Time to take strong decisions and time to change and take control of your future.

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