Samyak Chakrabarty

Samyak Chakrabarty is Founder and Managing Director at X Billion Skills Lab. Forbes magazine has described him as Asia’s most influential under-30 years of age.

I am very happy to be part of Arise Bengal and share my ideas regarding youth employment and skilling. We have to integrate the youth of Bengal with the socio economic growth seen across other major states in India. It is unknown to many but Bengal has seen the largest migration of talent since the turn of 20th century. This was due to it possessing the highest number of English educated workforce which could serve different nation building projects like the railways, mining and Govt administration. This ‘Brain Drain’ was a loss for Kolkata and gain for cities like Mumbai from where I belong.According to me, Mumbai has provided the most wide ranging opportunities to us be it in media, films, academia, finance and corporate world.

I think the loss of such talent pool has affected the psyche of youths in Bengal and they are becoming stagnant like the ponds you see across the state. I want to change this bringing along different stake holders such as governments, private sector & grass root organizations to build future relevant businesses in areas such as agriculture, healthcare, IT and rural development. I am developing a skilling model to enable India’s youth to remain professionally relevant in a digital economy and provide information access platform for rural youths.

Although Bengal is a seen rural state it still remains the most developed amongst its neighbouringpeers. I see Bengal as a gateway to eastern Asia and it can become the engine of growth lifting the GDP, PPP and other social factors across that region. This will also provide opportunities to people of the east and north east and soon they wouldn’t have to migrate to other distant parts of India which stretches & diminishes their quality of life. Given a chance I would definitely open a Skill lab in Kolkata and Siliguri to skill the youths today for the needs of tomorrow.


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