Saikat Poddar

Saikat Poddar currently based in Dubai have worked for Dun and Bradstreet for  20 years, primarily as the South Asia Head.

BongoBhumi and BongoBashis need a tectonic change on multiple fronts. And by Bongobashis, I mean those people whose genetic, cultural and linguistic origins are from Bengal. The oft discussed past glory of a land which had blossomed as a hub of culture, education, literature, art, philosophy, and more, peaked and then plateaued decades ago making way for the onset of an era of decay, corroding the ethics and morality of its people. Over time, Bongobashis have been compelled to seek greener pastures for livelihood and even higher education, outside BongoBhumi.

For a Bengali, the world is clearly divided into two kinds – Bengalis and non-Bengalis. The days of the fiefdom of the Bengali Babus, which was kindled by the need of the British of subservient clerks educated in their system had its sway all over the sub-continent, are long over – a fact every Bengali struggles to digest. Today, the neighbouring states, which the Bongobashi once relegated to the status of optimal suppliers of cheap labourers, gardeners, cooks, and the kinds, that helped maintain the now obscure Bengali regalia, are far ahead on perhaps most parameters of performance and development. And so is the case with many other states of India where the Bongobashi of today flocks en masse in search of livelihood across all societal strata . The recent peaceful state election in Bihar sets an example for today’s easily irritable BongoBashi. It is time we realise that Bengal should not be ruled by BongoBashis any longer. Haven’t they had enough!?

The remnants of what once was are too bleak and scattered today to put back together the Citadel that once shined bright. A carefully preordained steady infusion of fresh ideology and fresh blood is a basic pre-requisite and that must be commenced from an elementary level. Adequate support of today’s adults, needless to say, is a must to action this change. Over a period of time will then emerge conscious and self-respecting future BongoBashis and above all, Bharatiyas. It is imperative for all to comprehend the basics of our several millennia old ancient culture which has an unparalleled spiritual basis. The confidence and pride in our past has to be revived and instilled in young impressionable minds in equipping them with the wisdom and capabilities to strike the right balance while moving with modern times. Once we are able to cultivate good human beings, which is the dire need of the day, rest all problems will gradually get resolved seamlessly, without a flinch! And to sow the seeds for that, a change and a new beginning is a must!

A subset of a large entity must embody and display congruence with the overall ethos and ideology. The Bengal that was isn’t the Bengal that is – who is responsible? Wasn’t one partition enough?! Going forward it has to be one glorious Bharat. Bengal of today shows all telltale signs of further sinking into the abyss it has already landed itself in. Bharat will not be Bharat without a Bengal or a Maharashtra or a Tamil Nadu or a Punjab and so on… In Swami Vivekananda’s words – ARISE AWAKE AND STOP NOT! We have to hold our breath, think deep, decide, and take adequate steps to make a new beginning and that step must be taken now.
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