Ratnadeep Rudra

Rtnadeep Rudra is a alumnus of Delhi College of Art. After long career in advertising having worked in JWT, Satchi and Satchi,Leo Burnet, Rediffusion Advertising and other firms, he has taken retirement. He has been responsible for promotion of many global and domestic products. He is known for designing the ad campaign calling Rahul Dravid, former Indian Cricket opener and Captain, as “Wall”. Post-retirement, he is engaged in an Art project dealing in temples of India, either dilapidated, destroyed or forgotten. He is active in social media blogger. Lives in Delhi.

Bengal has been in deep slumber for quite some time; in fact, for few decades.

Once, one of the most prosperous states in India, Bengal was the hub of industries. But gradually over time the downslide started. The smell of communism made the people of Bengal totally intoxicated. Industries, Mills, Factories… all were shut down one after another under the banner and slogan of Communism – equality of income. Any industrialist was made to look as a demon sucking the blood of workers.

What was the consequence? Closure of industrial units- manufacturing, textile mills, jute mills, and others which gave bread to lakhs of common people. And this misrule continued for 34 years in the name of ‘Class Struggle’.

Then came ‘Poriborton’. The most flaunted ‘Change’ promised by Trinamool Congress. But it came in the form of unabashed Muslim appeasement, Cut-money culture, torture on the law abiding citizens by the state police. No development happened. The poor and the working lower, middle class became victims of this brazen misrule. Law and order went for a toss, thrown away in the Bay of Bengal. Muslims were given all state govt. dole, they were spared even if they broke rules. Election booths were hijacked, voters of other political parties thrashed and Hindu citizens were intimidated not to come out and vote. The state now aptly called ‘Waste Bengal’ has become the fiefdom of two – the CM and her nephew.

Today after 10 years of Trinamool rule, every sector of the state is hostage to Cut-money culture and Nephew’s Syndicate Raj. One has to pay this Mafia gang to land any kind of job. Be it a school teacher’s job or a hospital attendant’s job, one has to shell out double-digit lakhs, hoping to get selected. Those who are unlucky, lose that money. Naturally for 10 odd openings there are about 10,000 applicants. One can easily calculate the kind of money this TMC mafia makes, ranging from 10 lakhs to 25 lakhs easily, from job aspirants who sell their land or jewellery to pay them in the hope of a job.

Now the time has come for ‘Asol Poriborton’- the Real Change. Bengal has to go through complete overhauling. It should start with their mindset. The parochial mindset of looking down at people from every other region of India with contempt has to change. They call Biharis as Khottas, Oriya people as Udey, UPites as Gutkhakhor Hindustanis, Sikhs of Punjab as Bandhakopi (Bandhgobi because of wearing Pagris). The disdain with which they treat others is unimaginable.

Secondly they should stop having that false sense of superiority. They should realize that rest of India has gone ahead in leaps and bounds where they are still stuck in a quicksand of Intellectualism handed down by the so called Buddhijeevis of Kolkata.
Education, health and law & order has to be put in place. Tolabaji and Cut-money syndicate has to stop. Recruitments have to be fair, on merit and not on bribes. Treatment should be fair to all. Priority should not be given to Muslims. The diktats from the ruling dispensation to hire muslims in every restaurant, hotels and clubs has to stop. Most importantly, infiltration of Bangladeshis and Rohingyas has to stop. The govt. officers who issue false Aadhar, Ration and Voter cards to illegal immigrants should be booked. The policemen & their officers who beat up common citizens who are not TMC supporters, have to be tried in the court of law. Religious freedom should be given to Hindus to freely celebrate their festivals. Durga Puja or Saraswati Puja should not be stopped. Every citizen of West Bengal should be given the dignity he or she deserves under the constitution.

It’s time for new industries to come up. New investments from domestic and global companies have to start flowing in. New jobs have to be created. Exodus of students after they complete school is a horrible reality now in Bengal. New colleges have to come up, may be new universities as well. Technical institutes should be given priority to cater to new factories and industries. Skilled labour will be in demand if the regime changes and real change starts showing.
For all this the people of West Bengal have to rise. They should break free from the shackles of tyranny of One CM and her Nephew. There is no other option. Otherwise Bengal will be dead. Continued Infiltration of Bangladeshis will change the demography and it will be irreversible.
Rise Begal, rise. It’s now or never.

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