Arise Bengal - Introduction

It all started with an idea ! The West Bengal Elections in March – April 2021 was ensuing and a few of us got together, connected from different parts of the globe. All of us have something in common which is that Bengal has either been our Janmabhoomi or Karmabhoomi and we have been watching, with passion, the progress or even the lack of it for several decades in comparison to the world order as well as benchmarking Bengal against other Indian States.

So, we put our heads together wondering how the global Bengali diaspora and those who think and feel positively about the State might be inspired write articles expressing their thoughts on what Bengal in the Year 2021 onwards should look like for its own people (those who reside there) as well as in global perception.

We embarked upon a journey to identify 51 Articles (greatly inspired by the 51 Shakti Peeths) that are spread across the sacred landscape of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan too, with 15 of these Shakti Peeths being located in Bengal, Bangladesh, Tripura and Odisha itself.

A core team was quickly formed and a list of 51 potential authors was drawn from all over the world and from different walks of life, and they were invited to send in articles with their thoughts on a vision of Bengal as they would like to see under the new dispensation.

The format chosen was in the form of a website and which has the ability of having the articles downloadable digitally as well as allowing a reader to listen to any articles of their choice via an audio book feature. Contributions were received from a diverse range of authors of high reputation including academics, economists, trade and business leaders, professionals, technologists, medical and healthcare professionals, film director, civil servants, cultural, social and environment leaders.

Our aim was to provide inputs to an incoming new regime if it takes up some of the ideas and implements them with definitive anticipated outcomes within committed timelines. This would make, we believe, the efforts put in by the core team and the authors worthwhile.

We all look forward to a prosperous , healthy , vibrant and secure Bengal that is very lively and happy. And with an end to further flight from Bengal to other shores in search of work or livelihoods. A Bengal that truly works together for the improvement and upliftment of all without exception and where the glory that once Bengal enjoyed is restored and the best of Bengal in terms of its own potential is truly realised. We hope for a Bengal that is totally rejuvenated, freshly energised with the potential and opportunities fully leveraged in all that the geography and the economy can offer to its people.

A few words on the core team and gratitude and a sincere thank you for their huge contributions is surely warranted for: –

  • Dr Gautam Sen                – London
  • Prof Ambuj Mahanti      – Kolkata
  • Prof B N Srivastava      – Kolkata
  • Dr Rajesh Sarwadnya   – Mumbai
  • Kanchan Banerjee        – Boston
  • Amit Chatterjee            – Mumbai
  • Tanmoy Chakrabarty    – New Delhi

Our sincere thanks to all the authors of the articles who feature in “Arise Bengal “.