Dr. Veena Srivastava

Dr. Veena Srivastava is a freelance writer, poet, human rights defender and activist.

Arise Bengal, Awake Bengal

Thousands of lush green trees on both sides of the road,
               The setting red sun, peeping through the row.
Travelling to the Diamond Harbour, 
               We feel the evening going slow.
The chirping birds returning, 
               To their nests and abode.
The bells ringing and lamps shining, 
               In far away temples glow.
On   the deserted road, 
               The twilight is here to show.
Still ...far away ... is that Diamond Harbour, 
	        Where does Ganges flow.

Sudden drizzling, sudden raining,
               The overcast sky that evening, 
The black clouds grow...
               We reach where does Ganges flow. 

Restless ripples in the Ganges 
              And bubbling water overflowing 
On the ramp of hotel, 
             with rain all of a sudden.

The puffs of breeze, 
             Touching our cheeks,
Drenched in rain, the music we feel..,
              All embrace our soul.
Ganges originating in Gangotri, 
              A long journey through the nation, 
Accomplishing, submerging into Bay of Bengal, 
             Ganga Sagar as we all know.

The holy place, the pilgrimage, 
             The union of Ganges and Ocean, 
The soul to the supreme soul
              We pray to bless us all.

From here we travel to the north of West Bengal, 
             To the hills of Kanchanjunga in Darjeeling.
The dawn, the day break, the sunrise;
             From darkness to brightness sunrays mesmerise.

The chaste beauty of nature, 
            The divine inspiration unparalleled,
We are awe-struck...spell-bound! 
           The magical sunrays gladden our souls & surprise.

Now from Adi Ganga flowing 
           to Kalighat Ma Kali temple,
From Dakhineshwar Kali temple 
           to Sri Ramkrishna, Ma Sharada’s blessings.

From Belur Math Swami Vivekanand’s preachings
          From Shanti NIketan, Vishwa Bharati, Rabindra Sangeet,
Jora Shankho Jana Gana Mana,
         All exhilarate us, make us true human beings.

From Bankim Chandra’s Bande Mataram,
         From Netaji house at Elgin, Kadam... Kadam Badaye Ja,
To Gora Badal, Khudiram’s supreme sacrifices,
         From S P Mukherjee to A J C Bose, to Megh Nath Saha, 

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to Bhakti Vedanta,
        From Uday & Amla Shankar, Satyajit Ray to Kavi Nazrul Islam, 
From Ravi Shankar, Amartya Sen and Abhijit Bannerjee,  
       And all & so many messengers, all so great.

Arise Bengal, Awake Bengal, Stop not 
         Till ...the sunshine is achieved,
Till .... the lost glory is achieved,
        Till .... the goal is achieved. 	 

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