Dr. Mita Nath Bora

Dr. Mita Nath Bora is MBA, L.L.B., Ph.D.. She is Director India Ambition Research Consultancy. She has published research papers and is a regular writer in newspapers on economic, CSR, HR and other social issues. She has worked in NEEPCO Ltd and Indian Intitute of Entrepreneurship (MSDE). She resides in Guwahati.

Bengal is not just a name. Bengal is a civilization in itself, a civilization that carries the soul of this great country, of literature, art and culture. The soul that breath life, joy, advancement in every spectra, you name it you had it in Bengal. Bengal was the cultured lifeline of India, the hub of everything progressive, where people thought ahead of times and where life was beyond just a livelihood; where industry flourished and wealth was abundant. It is still referred to and remembered for its past glory. But Bengal post- independence is the only state of India that has been on a decline. It is in shambles today, dying a slow death.

The current Bengal faces several challenges from Intellectual Bankruptcy, Political Vacuum, , Islamist Hold, Declining Law & Order, Unaccounted Deaths and Killings, Stagnant growth, Unhealthy Economy, Deteriorating Cultural Space, etc, an overall total mismanagement of a once flourishing State.

And though much has been lost over the decades, much has deteriorated and the original spirit, the charm, the charisma of Bengal destroyed, not everything is finished and there is still hope.As they say, even if the body is killed a thousand times, even if the body is tortured, mutilated, operated and wounded a thousand times, it will die only when the soul gives up. If we still see hope in Bengal, its because its soul still exists and is still alive.But than one often ask, what happened to the rich Bengali culture- art and handwork, What happened to its writers, researchers, directors, music legends it produced in the past; what happened to its cultured lifeline, what happened to its once flourishing industry that produced wealth for the state and made in so rich financially that every ruler wanted the possess.

What Bengal needs today is an opportunity to revive it back to its true character of the past – a cultured progressive glorified Bengal. And the first thing it requires is a change in the political space and leadership. Bengal is an intellectual state and needs an intellectual leader with a vision, who can foresee the dream of each Bengali and can conceptualize and give shape towards building of a strong new Bengal. A new Bengal that can again start to receive applauds and not just brickbats,for its worsening condition. Bengal also needs to work on its cultural ideology that has always been respected and revered worldwide. The cultural degradation going on in its films, TV serial, media, etc is something much to be worried about and tough times are on way. Its law and administration needs reforms to have an independent decentralized control over the increasing violence in the state. It needs to open up its gates to industrialization and manufacturing that has already died a different death in Bengal.

Bengal today has got every opportunity to bring in the new change, only if it can grab the opportunity that is being extended to it. So Arise Bengal, save that soul, revive it, get it pumping, hope is still there to regain the past glory and create a new story for Bengal again. Swami Vivekananda said – Arise Awake stop not till the goal is reached. Lets make this vision of a new better and best Bengal true again. And it can happen only when each one of us put our heart, soul and all our efforts into reviving it again. Each of us has to put in our own sacrifices in action as we do in our words. Time calls for each one of us to contribute in someway or the other to bring it to its life again. We want our Bengal back again – our country’s lifeline from the clutches of everything that slowly brought the downfall and now the rapid death of Bengal.Arise Bengal should now beat 24×7 within us, for our one last fight to save it. Arise Awake & get Alive Again.
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