chitresh Dutta

Ex-Senior Manager DFCCIL (Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd.) With a passion for Wild Life Photography, Sketching and travelling

I am born and brought up in Delhi, being a Bengali outside of West Ben-gal. I am christened as Probasi Bangali. by the Bbengalis of Kolkata. In my childhood my family used to travel to kolkata to see our close relatives during school summer holidays. It reminds me of those days when travelling long dis-tances from Delhi to Calcutta, also known as Kolkata, carried a huge holdall, ear-lier used for carrying beds and bed covers for the entire family. Another gadget we used to carry was surahi, an earthen bowl with its stand for to carry drinking water as there was scarcity of drinking water on the stations falling in the route. The trains in those days were chugged by big steam engines driven by Anglo Indians. I am talking about the period of late sixties and early seventies.

I have some memory of the dark Naxalite era of West Bengal. The movement was so intense that most of the young and intellectual people involved in under-ground naxal activities against the Goverment policies were targeted, dragged from their homes and mercilessly killed by brutality of police force.One Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University was then targeted by the naxal for giving de-tails of studentts and was killed by naxal youth. We were not allowed by our par-ents to venture out in bye-lanes alone.

A peculiar thing not found in other parts of India is that the shops are closed from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm for lunch break. This system is still prevailing in small towns and villages as well as in many bazars in Kolkata. The west Bengal people are revolutionary in nature and due to this the trade unionism is very active in every sphere of economic activity. Right from rickhshawala, sabziwalas, hawkers and the workers from electricicity, to medium, to heavy industries, the impact of trade unionism is pervasive. The most recent and burning example is the agitation against Tata Nano factory leading to closure of the project itself. Most of the heavy and medium scale industries have shifted from Bengal to other states due to major labour disputes by the state sponsored trade unionism for the last four decades.

I was working with Dedicated Freight Corridor in the planning stage and observed immense obstructions for land acquisition for freight corridor railway line and which eventually delayed the project completion very badly.

To arise and to develop West Bengal leaders have to change their attitudes and help change the same at the level of the people in general. Many trade unions make use of petty demands as excuse to go on strike thereby hampering the de-velopment of the State..

Now it is right time to change the State’s system of functioning. The ruling Governent mus focus on the development agenda rather than on politics of con-frontation with the Center.

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